The Blog

I’ve found a passion in photography, and inspiration from exotic fictional worlds such as Avatar’s Pandora.

The blog contains mostly images with little to no editing, minor edits like cropping may be applied, anything else will be noted with the photos.

Unless otherwise noted, all images are taken by me. For security I’ll likely scrub metadata from all images and include some metadata manually with the photos, as text in the post, not embedded as actual metadata.

I photograph primarily with my iPhone, I often use externally mounted lenses.

Currently I’m not licensing use of any images anywhere else, however I’d rather not add watermarks to images. If anyone would like to feature images anywhere, contact me, most likely I’d allow it with proper crediting and a link to the site.

If you’d like to support my work, contact me about donations or simply shop at Moment (where I get most of my gear) using my Moment Ambassador link.

The website better supports my work via advertisements, but if Instagram is more your style…

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